About Us

About Us

About Us

Al-Fayez Company provides rental services for residential units

We've been in this business ever since

Provide a 3D drawing 3D After the contract, and before the start of the practical implementation to communicate the complete vision to the client, and to ensure the quality of the proposal for implementation.Al-Fayez Company provides the finishing service in cooperation with the best companies that provide the most luxurious and best raw materials and materials required for finishing residential units with guarantees and reliable quality.

21 +

years of experience


Services We’re Providing

We are working primarily in and around London and the Home Counties, on schemes that range from small intimate spaces to large projects.

Residential Interior

We do all types of the interior designing, decoration & furnishing.

Custom Solutions

Our creative 3D artists are always ready to translate your designs

Renovate Rooms

We are master of renovation & innovation of existing any kind of rooms

3D Design Layouts

We Do All Types Of 2D And 3D design Computerized Designs.

Outsourced Service In House

Enforces & strengthens your brand identity by integrating rich experience


what provide services we've got

Making a name within the industry for smart, elegant and soulful interiors

Al-Fayez Company provides property and real estate asset management services and assists them in purchasing real estate units in the most luxurious real estate units

Al-Fayez Company offers the service of leasing residential units in a scientific manner and systematic study of the market, by developing a leasing plan and strategies to manage leasing operations.

Why did you choose us?

We provide the best real estate services for you and make your home a dream come true.

legal side


  • A staff with at least experience 7 Years of distinguished engineers and technicians

  • Free consultations to provide the best investment solutions for each client according to the investment budget

  • Providing free measurements and designs before finishing the real estate units

  • work on more than 100 different project

  • Providing investment opportunities for real estate in the most luxurious residential and commercial areas to ensure an excellent investment return

  • Guarantee 5 Years of raw materials and materials used in finishing

  • Guarantee 5 Years of plumbing and electrical work for real estate units

  • Full year warranty on paints

  • Guarantee 20 General on brushes

  • Guarantee 5 years on accessories

  • Follow all safety procedures and sterilize units before and after delivery

  • Clarification of legal procedures 100% investors to ensure their rights